Truffle Infusion

Luxuriate in our umami-rich Truffle ramen.


Enjoy the natural goodness in each bowl of Men-ichi Ramen



Men-ichi’s collagen rich tonkotsu soup derives its wonderful essence from the perfect balance of pork bones and vegetables. No Added MSG. No Concentrate.



Each bowl of Men-ichi tonkotsu ramen contains 9500mg of collagen. Drink up!



Our Ramen Chefs

If the stock gives the ramen its soul, Men-ichi’s heart and soul comes from our Japanese ramen chef who has decades of experience in ramen kitchens.

Ra Ra Ramen

At Men-ichi, 2 types of ramen are used to bring out the flavours of the soup bases. Our thin noodles which is 100% made using Men-ichi’s original recipe, boast an aroma of wheat with an irresistibly springy texture. The thicker Nishiyama noodles are hand-picked from Hokkaido for its smooth texture that goes perfectly well with the thicker soup bases.





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Ichiban Rewards Cards

The new Ichiban Rewards Card unlocks a fresh new season of good food and rewards.





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